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Fund created job opportunities for the disabled next few months
150 billion USD credit with the approval of the head of the rights of the disabled Association: Fund to support job opportunities for disabled people are two to three months to create the future
President of Association of the Disabled Rights approved pay USD 150 billion to create "job opportunities Disabled Fund" announced so that long-standing desire to be disabled for practical employment.

A. Hammett Mahmudnizhad in an interview with the correspondent "Social" ISNA, referring to this budget for this purpose in the row row in terms of budget Welfare Organization has emphasized: the organization is required to fund these welfare within the next two to three months to create.

Mahmudnizhad the Fund to support job opportunities to the disabled is required to employers and disabled people or families that can create employment for all segments of their loans to pay.

Disabled Rights Association stated: the lack of implementation of agreements between the Fund October Reza (AS) and Welfare Organization, creating employment opportunities for disabled people had faced challenges with the budget adopted above, the way is paved for the disabled employment.

Mahmudnizhad the State Welfare Organization officials wanted to create appropriate mechanisms for this sweet act to be disabled Chshandh and practical ways to use the fund to smooth.

While recalling his 40 percent unemployment rate among disabled people expressed the hope that in "and redouble efforts to work double" Peoples Welfare Organization necessary measures, while the utilization of the funds mentioned the disabled, unemployment rate for this class to significantly reduce.

Disabled Rights Association noted: not promise prosperity and social security ministry upon employment of thousands of disabled people in two companies affiliated with the department over more than 5 / 2 years is not practical.

Mahmudnizhad pointed out: with continuous follow Head of State Welfare Organization, repeated requests from organizations of disabled people and institutions upon the President followed up the promise of employment in the final days of the disabled 88 years, eventually digits over 150 billion USD in order to create job opportunities Fund disabled, was approved.

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